We are highly specialized on all kinds of Milanese mesh, which makes us the perfect supplier and partner to reputable jewellery and watch manufacturers all over the world. Additionally, our Milanese mesh products are also applied in other fields than the jewellery and watch trade, e.g. as transport belts in industry.

Our Milanese mesh portfolio includes:

  •           exclusive watchbands
  •           valuable necklaces
  •           Bracelets
  •           Spiral bands for industrial sector
  •           technical mesh for industrial sector

We also offer:

  •           Wire necklaces
  •           Omega necklaces
  •           Spiral necklaces
  •           Band windings.

We process all popular types of precious and non-precious metals:




White cooper

Stainless steel

Raw brass



Milanese mesh

The Milanese mesh was first developed in Milan and is a kind of spiral mesh. It is produced by turning individual wire spirals into each other to form a mesh mat.
This mesh mat is cut to fit the individual product and is then formed in many further steps of handcraft work to the perfect Milanese band or Milanese chain.

Milanese Mesh – Flexible and Variable

In cooperation with you, we develop customized solutions for your special Milanese mesh. Perfectly fitting your specifications for the individual, specific application. 
Also outside the jewellery and watchmaking trade, e.g. for use in industry or design applications. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why Heidecker Milanese mesh?

  • For a maximum level of quality, we manufacture our Milanese mesh exclusively in Germany.
  • Our high flexibility in production enables us to manufacture high quantities in a short time, but also small series and individual customized parts.
  • Being a specialist in Milanese mesh, we develop customized solutions.
  • Our company is managed by the owner and is family property by 100%. This means fast and non-bureaucratic decisions, which guarantees flexible response to our customers’ desires.
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